Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Arvada Excavating Company believes that an effective Health, Safety & Environmental Program must be an integral part ofour Company’s operation. No business objective is so important that it is pursued at the sacrifice of Health, Safety, or the Environment.


The Company is committed to promoting and training employees in safe work practice with an ultimate goal of preventing any undue hardship & suffering caused by work related injuries or Illnesses. Employee health must be the prime consideration in every job assignment.


All employees will be required to perform their job assignments in a safe manner. Our Safety Manual has been specifically developed to inform personnel of the Company’s minimum safety requirements. All policies and procedures are based specifically on known hazard exposures, regulatory requirements and industry safety standards.


Promoting environmental concerns is an utmost priority for the safety of all personnel. We proactively encourage employees to identify and promptly communicate matters of environmental concern to management. 

Every employee is expected to carry out the spirit as well as the intent of our safety policy. The proactive participation from all employees is required to successfully meet out policy goals.